The ability to heal and treat sickness, disease, and injuries is a vital piece of modern civilization.  Nothing in this world is as important to us as preserving our health and wellbeing so that we can live our lives without restraint and difficulty.  The healthcare industry has become one of the largest sectors in the world that gets more complex and vital every day.  The needs of the healthcare industry change very quickly as technology, disease, and sickness are ever evolving and constantly creating new challenges for healthcare professionals.

VersaTech provides healthcare workers with solutions in IT services, relationship management, and patient engagement programs.  That helps free them up to better serve their patients, innovate in the industry, and operate more efficiently so that their resources can be better used to create better health and wellness solutions and treatments for our rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

The healthcare industry is not only innovating in the areas of patient care and treatment, but also developing new ways to reach their patients via technology.  As virtual visits become more and more viable due to increased safety and availability issues, VersaTech is uniquely positioned to continue to provide industry leading IT support and solutions, as well as protection of sensitive healthcare related information to protect patients and healthcare workers.

Case Study
Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE)
DCoE’s mission is to improve the lives of our nation’s service members, veterans and their families be advancing excellence in psychological health and traumatic brain injury care and prevention.

Scope of Work

VersaTech engaged in three Department of Defense-Department of Veterans (DoD-VA) Joint Incentive Fund (JIF) projects in support of a public health model for establishing and maintaining high quality psychological prevention, care and support services for active duty military, National Guard and Reserve, veterans and family member beneficiaries. VersaTech provided staff and bridging support for the specified positions with the ability to tailor the staff mix to accommodate changing mission priorities. We also provided access to specialized subject-matter experts (SME) including medical, clinical and mental health PhDs.


Improving care via integration of chaplains into mental health care.
With a goal of reducing the stigmas associated with seeking mental health care, VersaTech led the effort to integrate spiritual care with clinical services through additional training of chaplains. Chaplains who have a better understanding of how spirituality informs mental health ultimately deliver advanced care. VersaTech created evidence-based, standardized training modules for DoD and VA chaplains.
Implementation of problem-solving training in primary care.
This project’s goal was to provide evidence-based early intervention in primary care settings for the treatment of a wide range of emotional and behavioral problems including depression and PTSD. VersaTech implemented training for primary care behavioral/mental health providers.
Practice Based Implementation Network (PBIN) in mental health.
VersaTech was tasked with creating a community of behavioral health providers who lead the rapid translation of research findings into routine clinical practice. The PBIN serves as the key resource within MHS to implement best practices, recruit field-based clinics and clinicians into practice-change initiatives, identify and resolve barriers to the adoption of new practices, and promote integration of these efforts in VA and DoD mental health programs.


  • PBIN pilot project enabled DoD/VA to develop a staffing/IT platform for ongoing implementation of practice change initiatives
  • PBIN improved productivity and expanded visibility and education in the marketplace
  • PBIN project was graded “exceptional … truly superb” by client
  • Received an A+ rating from COR
  • Project sped implementation of outcomes monitoring
  • The PAT was acknowledged for attention to detail and outstanding work

  • Both chaplain training and primary care training programs created by VersaTech won awards ((what awards, can we name them??)) for coupling education components with support resources
  • VersaTech’s project manager was asked to serve on the Process Action Team (PAT), which was key in rewriting SOPs that contributed to the success of the project
  • This project was a catalyst to the client gaining permanent funding for the JIF programs