Department of Defense

The United States military and defense complex works every day, around the world to protect the country’s interests and promote peace and stability throughout the world.  The Department of Defense has an annual budget of over $700 billion, employs over 2 million service members as well as over 700,000 civilians, and has a presence in more than 160 countries with approximately 4,800 sites.

VersaTech takes great pride in our role of supporting the Department of Defense and the military.  We work extremely hard to produce exceptional service every day that results in better protection for our military members, efficient processes to save costs, as well as innovation to help keep our military as the most prepared and capable defense force in the world.

We at VersaTech strive to go above and beyond to proudly support our military service members while they are on the front lines protecting our American way of life and working to preserve peace and help those in need all around the world.  We will continue to do our part to provide them with the best technology and the most advanced tools necessary to maintain every advantage to keep them safe and allow them to excel every day.