Audio Visual Support

VersaTech offers a suite of managed Audio/Visual (A/V) support services to meet your needs to assure room readiness for high profile conferences and meeting rooms. This means no more frustration from user and technical problems that occur during a video conference or presentation.

Our experienced staff can identify and solve issues before meetings even start, as well as provide immediate support to ensure all rooms function flawlessly every time. VersaTech also provides you with an easy way to track performance, usage and issues to help you make more informed business decisions.


When hosting an event or meeting, you need the best possible A/V solution to ensure success. VersaTech works with a variety of different customers to develop and deploy a customized communications solution to meet their specific business needs.

From designing a video conferencing systems to meeting room systems, VersaTech has the proven expertise to provide your organization with a high-quality custom design and installation.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a platform for extending your brand and organizations reach much farther than a traditional advertising medium. VersaTech can assist you to engage with a brand-new audience and captivate onlookers while informing them of your message.

Our digital signage solution can increase brand and organizational awareness, improve the audience experience and support your business objectives all with eye catching digital media.

Video Walls

Stimulate the imagination and dazzle the senses through the highest quality hardware, software, and content systems. VersaTech can design your video wall to fit your business needs and capture your audience’s attention.

Our video wall systems provide picture and video that is spread seamlessly across the screens to produce a clear and uniform display. They can also be enhanced with custom audio and high performance speakers to give life to your display.

Live Sound Systems

We know how important projecting sound is to your audience no matter the event venue. At VersaTech we have the right solution for all your live sound needs. With sound being so subjective, we utilize multiple sound systems that can be deployed based on type of venue you are having.

Our systems have plenty of power and are all set up for a flat frequency response to ensure the sound is great no matter what type of source you are playing through them.

Emergency Operation Centers

No matter the type of operations center, you need the proper command and control system to monitor and track communications. VersaTech can build the extensions you need to allow the services and others supporting operations to do their job in a more agile and more cost-effective way.

With video displays, audio systems, and interconnected systems you can feel secure in your facility and actions. VersaTech provides customizable and fully integrated solutions to meet your operational needs.

VersaTech provides full in-house Audio/Visual technical and equipment support through skilled A/V technicians and a commitment to customer service built into our daily work ethic. This combination of talent and customer service enables us to provide excellent technical support to our customers.